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Developing a Business Strategy
Preparing an Operating Budget
Licensing & Permit Considerations
Interior & Exterior Design
Menu Creation

Exploring Locations:
Drive - Thru
Mobile Catering
Retail Coffee Shop

Barista Training Basics:

Health Department Requirements
Selecting the Right Ingredients
Maintaining the Equipment
Operating the Equipment
Drink Development
Customer Service
Inventory Control

"The Art of the Latte"

"Making the Best Smoothie in Town"

"Food for Thought and Profit"

"Crash Course Weekend Workshop"

"The Introduction to the Business of Speciality Coffee"
is an introductory workshop for the person that is serious about exploring the possibilities of the specialty coffee business in depth, in a short period of time.

Explore the details of setting up and managing the business, which includes: obtaining the right permits from your local government agencies, developing a business strategy and budget, creating a menu and selecting the right ingredients, advertising, promotions, and more...

Using only the finest ingredients and developing your own employee training program assures a consistent high quality product, and helps to build customer loyalty.

Learn how to design your interior and exterior for maximum efficiency and growth potential for drive-thrus, mobile catering, permanent locations.

During the "Barista Training" part of the workshop we will have the opportunity to learn the formulas for properly preparing espresso drinks, as well as operating and maintaining the equipment: coffee grinders, espresso machine, blenders, etc.

Private workshops & training sessions assure that each individual and group receives the maximum amount of personal attention and focus on their own business and project.

Each day is filled with lots of information, lattes, mochas, and fun...

Once you have completed the "Introductory Workshop", we can move forward to the next steps of helping you develop and implement your retail business concepts.




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