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Finding the right piece of equipment is essential to producing consistent and high quality product.



At ShoeSchool we have a complete Cottage Industry Manufacturing Facility for Leather Craft & Shoemaking. It took many years to find and develop this esoteric collection of machines.

We have assembled photos of the most important equipment that you will want to include in your shop, specialty sewing machines, cutting, skiving, and finishing equipment.

These machines are all available to purchase, either new or rebuilt with a warranty, from Pilgrim Shoe Machine, in Quincy, Mass. You can visit their website at

Pilgrim retired in 2019.

ShoeSchool offers Advance Training Workshops that will teach you how to set up, operate, and maintain each machine. We can also help you to design & engineer your own Studio or Cottage Industry Facility for One-of-a-kind Craftsmanship, or Small Scale Production.




Sewing Machines for Leather

Post Machine - Pfaff 595

Cylinder Bed - Pfaff 335

Harness Stitcher

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Leather Machines for Cutting, Skiving, Splitting

5 in 1 Sole Trimmer

Fortuna Skiver

Leather Splitter ( 6 inch )

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Sewing Machines Littleway Construction & Repair

Landis 88 Chain Stitch

Besser Lock Stitch

Shoe Patch Open Arm

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Machines for Finishing, Sanding, Polishing

Naumkeg Sander

Floor Model Cabinet for Sanding & Polishing Stations

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Die Cutting Machine for Leather

Pneumatic Clicker Press

15 Ton Capacity

Steel Rule Cutting Dies are like Cookie Cutters for Leather.

This machine was built by Pilgrim, and is not currently available.

It is used to stamp out the pieces, using compressed air to force the top plate down onto the cutting die, with the leather laying on the table.

An essential piece of equipment for any type of production. This machine takes the hard work out of cutting.


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A Word About Pilgrim

It is next to impossible to find a reliable source for leather and shoe machines, and parts.

Pilgrim is a well established company in Boston with experienced and knowledgeable people to help you get the right machine for Leather Craft or Shoemaking.

Pilgrim can supply you with parts and service for older machines that you may already own.

Visit the Pilgrim Website

Contact Pilgrim

Pilgrim Retired in 2019


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Steel Rule Cutting Dies

Steel Rule Cutting Dies are like "cookie cutters" for leather, plastic, paper, cork, rubber and many other materials.

Specializing in flatboard steel rule dies for production cutting of component materials for your manufacturing needs.

Link to Master Die


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