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This is a collection of short stories that we think will be of interest to our visitors. We would like to see this section grow with input from our students.

If you have any stories that you would like to share, submit the story for review, maybe we will add it to our collection and publish it on the website.

Links to Short Stories:

Cottage Industry in the 21st Century


Cottage Industry in the 21st Century

Prior to the Late 1800's work was done in the home, on the farm, or in the local shop of the Master Craftsman.

With the rapid growth of Mass Production in the early 1900's, the movement was to centralized manufacturing and distribution facilities. Small local factories were closed. People were forced to travel long distances to find work, often leaving their home, family and friends behind.

During the Mid 1900's the Global Economy became an important factor in Mass Production and consumer oriented product development for Mass Marketing.

Some nations became Consumers, and others Producers. Driven by Price Competition, manufacturers would go to the ends of the earth to find the cheapest possible labor to produce their products.

By the Late 1900's almost 98% of the footwear that was being sold in the US was produced in a foreign country. The competition for cheap prices was eventually realized in the poor quality of the finished products.

The items would "Look Great", but they would soon fall apart, and in most cases the products are not repairable, forcing the consumer to purchase another item and send the old one to the land fill.

In the long run this type of thinking has proven to be very costly, and short sighted.

Since the 1990's many people have been displaced from their career positions, and smaller businesses have been forced to close down completely due to price competition from cheap foreign imports.

By the turn of the Century in 2000, Consumers have grown weary from the cheap quality of the mass produced import goods that are forced on them. They are searching for alternatives at a time when there are very few choices for quality locally produced footwear.

In the 21st Century we will have come full circle, bringing Old World Craftsmanship together with Modern Technology to develop the Cottage Industry of the Future.

Localized manufacturing and marketing makes it possible to offer customized, high quality products and services to the local community, stimulating the local economy.

Historically, at times when money is tight, bartering for products and services has always been a reliable method of stimulating the local economy and creating Self Employment, which often grows into a Home Based Business or Cottage Industry.

Traditionally, Shoemakers have been Self Employed, independent personalities.

The most successful shoe companies in the world were founded by the Master Craftsman Shoemaker.



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