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Shoes as Art
Fashion Shoes
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Experiential Education Workshops / Seminars

  • Introduction to Shoemaking
  • Introduction to The Business of Shoemaking
  • Advanced / Private Consulting Workshops
  • Team Building Retreats
  • Distance Learning
  • Press Clippings

Service Bureau for Computer Generated Individualized Shoe Lasts

Retail Fitting Centers

  • Learn to Make Hand Crafted Sandals
  • Self Employment Opportunity

Zerbo, Shoemaker to the Clowns... ( Retired )

Press Clippings

  • Shoe Industry Trade Journals
  • International Publications
  • Financial & Business

Shoe Art Gallery

  • Shoes as Art

Video Gallery

  • Streaming Video Presentations

Book Store

  • A Fine Collection of Selected Shoe-Related Books
  • Books are ordered and shipped directly from

Digitoe Communications

  • Content Creation
  • CD ROM Video Productions
  • Multi-Media Services
  • Digital Publishing
  • CD ROM Business Cards
  • Marketing Consulting

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