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Once your Personalized Shoe Lasts are on file at
you can order your Custom Fit Footwear
from the comfort of your home...

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We are looking for "The Next Generation of Shoemakers"....

Digitoe Technology uses the very latest Digitoe Technology for imaging the feet and creating Custom Shoe Lasts and Custom Fit Footwear.

Digitoe Technology is the most revolutionary advancement in Custom Footwear since the
Mid - 1800's when individual Left and Right Shoe Lasts were first introduced...

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  • The Digitoe Theatre
  • Retail Kiosk
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  • Choices of Leather

Go! "Room Service" Mobile Fitting Lab developed by Digitoe

The Mobile Fitting Lab offers personal service, privacy and convenience at your home, office, sports arena, hotel, golf course, etc.



6 Steps to Ordering from

You can view and print the 6 Steps Poster as a .pdf document, which shows each of the steps involved in becoming a client and having your footwear made by 

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 Collection for Men

Samples of the styles and types of footwear you can have made by



Collection for Women

Samples of the styles and types of footwear you can have made by



Design Your Own Collection

Samples of the styles and types of footwear you can Design Yourself and have made by 



When will locations be opened in my area?

This is a question that many people have been asking us.

Our answer to this question is, "We are working as fast as we can and we plan to grow our network of fitting centres in balance with our production capacity ."

One day there will be Retail Fitting Centres in every major location in the "Global Village".

If you are interested in the possibility of growing with us, please visit the Business Opportunity Page.


Global Village Network of

With the rapid development of the Internet, the concept of a Global Village Network of Retail Fitting Centres and Licensed Shoe Manufacturers is a reality.

We have had communications from people in more than 40 different countries interested in setting up a Retail Fitting Centre in their own part of the "Global Village".

One day, in the 21st Century, you will be able to order your footwear directly from the comfort and privacy of your home, with the 100% assurance that every pair of shoes you order from will fit your foot perfectly.


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