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Many people have expressed interest in a home study program for Hand Crafted Sandals, conducted as a Distance Learning Program, using the World Wide Web.

We are in the process of creating a complete series of Live Video Programs, along with simple to understand interactive tutorials and demonstrations.

The home study course will be a series of Digital Books, published on CD ROM.

You will be able to submit your work for review and comment as you progress at your own pace.

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Hand Crafting Sandals is an ancient art that goes back to the days of our cave dwelling ancestors.

Hand Crafting Sandals requires simple hand tools and is much less expensive and easier to develop into a cottage industry or home based self employment business, than making custom shoes.

Many Custom Shoemakers have started out by making Custom Sandals. The Sandal is the basis for the sole of a complete shoe.

SandalCrafters.comhas merged the Sandal Camp Program with "The Introduction to Shoemaking" workshop at

The program includes the basic tools and materials for getting started, so the participant can return home and continue making sandals...

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 Traditional Styles

Arch Bed Sandals

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 Develop Your Own Label

Create Your Original Designs

Build A Trade



Self Employment

Just like there are no guarantees in life, we do not guarantee anyone that they will be successful, make a lot of money, or find a job Hand Crafting Sandals...

We are not training people for jobs making sandals in an existing factory. If that is what you are looking for then the first step is to find the sandal factory where you want to work and they will train you to make sandals according to their formula.

We can teach the basic skills required to make Hand Crafted Sandals, supply the tools and materials, and the rest is up to each individual to develop in the direction that suits them best...

It takes years to master the skills of the trade, and the only way to get there is by making sandals. There are no shortcuts or magic formulas.

After you make the first 100 pair, you will know very well how to make sandals.

Getting started in the right direction is the most difficult step to have to take...

There are no limitations to what an individual can do...

Being self employed requires self discipline, dedication and a lot of work, work, work...


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