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Distance Learning Project

Digital Video Publications

  • Complete Reference Library Home Study Program
  • Each Person Working at Their Own Pace
  • Video Tutorials Make It Possible

These DVD Videos and Digital Publications are created with Adobe Acrobat with Video Tutorials for each subject, color photos, charts, graphics.

The Introductory Level Program is designed to give people a simple, comprehensive and fun experience in making shoes.

The Advanced Programs are for the person that is in serious pursuit of a career in footwear.

Once all 16 Digital Video Publications are released, they will be available as one complete educational package.

It takes years of dedication and experience to Master the Craft of Shoemaking. We encourage you to move forward at a comfortable pace, and have fun along the way.

Once you have a basic understanding of the principles, techniques and materials of shoe design and construction, you are only limited by your own imagination.

Below is a list of the complete Distance Learning Reference Library of Digital Publications that are scheduled for release by ShoeSchool.

Distance Learning & Telephone Consulting Appointments

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NOTE: Since we are a Cottage Industry, we do not qualify for grants or endowments that are given to non-profit organizations and institutions. We are funding the development of the Distance Learning Project on our own time and financial resources, in addition to working a full schedule consulting & teaching. If we get lucky and find the funds required to speed up the Production Process, the release dates could change and the complete program would be available much sooner than currently projected.

We already have over 400 hours of video waiting to be edited for publication. There are just 24 hours in a day!

If you would like to be notified when the publication of your choice is released, you can send us your contact information and we will reserve a copy from our first printing. We will notify you know when they are ready to ship.

Our Privacy Policy: We do not share our contact list.


Payment is not required for reservation.

Distance Learning - DVD Video Publications Currently in Production

  • Developing Shoe Last Collections
  • ShoeSchool Program Sampler
  • Hand Tools & How to Use Them
  • Machines for Leather & Shoes
  • Leather Selection & Uses
  • Sandal Crafting The Place to Begin
  • Cutting Dies & Equipment
  • Setting Up Shop

  • Shoe Last Design & Modification
  • Shoe Design - Fashion & Function
  • Pattern Making
  • Hand Lasting Techniques
  • Shoe Construction Methods
  • Bottom Work - Outsoles - Insoles
  • Applying Finishes & Leather Dye
  • Bags - Belts & Accessories

Title Contents Release Date

Developing Shoe Last Collections Reference Manual & Catalog for Devloping a Collection of Shoe Lasts.

Available Now

$ 39.95


ShoeSchool Program Sampler

DVD Video for viewing on TV

A sampler of DVD Video Short Subjects.

Video Documentaries:
... Craftsman At Work Hand Crafting Shoes
... Tour A Shoe Factory
....Shoe School Video Scrapbook
....Introduction to Foot Massage

Available Now

$ 29.95

The Shoemaker Movie

DVD Video for viewing on TV

Watch A Master Craftsman Make a Pair of Shoes - Step-by-Step.

A Rare Opportunity to see an Ancient Craft in Live Performance!

Available Now

$ 59.95

Hand Tools & How to Use Them

Videos of All the Basic Hand Tools for Leather Craft and Shoemaking are demonstrated, with instructions on how to use and care for them.


Reserve a Copy

Machines for Leather & Shoes

Videos of Machines for Leather Craft and Shoemaking: Sewing, Skiving, Cutting, Splitting, Pressing, Heat Embossing, etc.


Reserve a Copy

Leather Selection & Uses

There are many different types of Leather developed for specific purposes. This video publication will take you on a tour of a Tannery, and show you how to choose the right type of leather for every project.


Reserve a Copy

Sandal Crafting The Place to Begin

Sandals are one of the most ancient forms of footwear and the simple foundation for learning how to make shoes. This video publication will guide you through all the steps required for making Hand Crafted Sandals.


Reserve a Copy

Cutting Dies & Equipment

An essential step to producing a large quantity of any leather item is the cutting. Steel Rule Dies work like "cookie cutters" to stamp out the individual pieces. This video shows how to make and use Cutting Dies and Presses.


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Setting Up Shop

Getting Organized and Staying Organized is very important to turning out a consistent and high quality product. This video shows how to set up your workshop, build the workbenches, organize the machines and engineer the work flow for maximum efficiency and safety.


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Shoe Last Design & Modification

Shoe Lasts are the Essential Ingredient in Designing and Manufacturing a Successful and Proper Fitting Line of Shoes. This video publication will show you how to start from scratch to design and create your own shoe last formula, and how to modify them for different applications.


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Shoe Design - Fashion & Function

To be a successful Shoe Designer you need to study History, Textiles, Color, Fashion Trends, New Materials & Manufacturing Processes. This program will open the doors of curiosity.


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Pattern Making

Creating Accurate Patterns is required for efficient design and manufacturing of any product. This video reveals the hidden mysteries of pattern design & creation, in a simple and easy to understand method.


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Hand Lasting Techniques

Pulling the Leather Uppers over the Shoe Last is called Hand Lasting. Here is where the flat leather pieces take on a 3 dimensional form. This video shows you the Tricks of the Trade.


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Shoe Construction Methods

There are several methods for constructing footwear, depending on the type of shoes you are making and the availability of equipment. This video demonstrates the most practical methods for the Craftsman: Cement Construction, Stitch Down, and Littleway.


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Bottom Work - Outsoles - Insoles

The Outsole is the part of the shoe that takes the most abuse and wear. Selecting the right materials is crucial to long wearing and repairable footwear. This video demonstrates how to take existing materials & create soles.


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Applying Finishes & Leather Dye

Finishing the Leather plays a crucial role in the appearance and marketability of the finished product. This video publication shows you how to transform your leather project to an irresistible work of art.


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Bags - Belts & Accessories

Leather Bags, Belts & Accessories are always in demand, especially when they are custom made with leather that matches or compliments the footwear. This video answers all your questions about leather selection, buckles, zippers, interior design.


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